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How To Create A Strategic Marketing Process

A well defined and reliable marketing strategy can make or break your business, brand positioning, and customer loyalty. Strategic marketing makes meeting customer’s needs an achievable goal; it ensures you target the right audiences and helps you determine your objectives and goals.

The marketing strategy should include:

1-The mission, goals, and objectives of the company.

2-Strengths and weaknesses of your business, also, opportunities, and threats that are facing your marketing.

3-Identifying your target audiences and their specific needs.

4-The required resources and efforts that you need to carry out your plans and your market strategy.

5-Measurable and actionable metrics to define your current situation and to track your performance.

Now let’s talk in-depth about the three phases of the strategic marketing process.

1-Planning Phase

In the beginning, you need to give yourself some time to think about your business and analyze your situation and your position in the market, you should know what are your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and prospective customers, changes in technology and industry trends, threats you might face in the future and most importantly, the external competition you have, remember, without a competitive advantage it will be very hard to compete.

Marketing ProgramOnce the customer needs are understood, goals can be set to meet them, you need to think of what services or products you can offer for your customers, it’s also a good chance to provide a new product or service. 

A)You should think about your product and find the characteristics that it should have to be superior and compete in the market. For example, your product could be longer-lasting or user friendly and your service could be cheaper or faster.

B)Now you need to start marketing to position your product in your customer’s mind and make it as the solution for a certain problem, through emotional and mental marketing your customers will make your product as a go-to when they face this problem.

C)Select your target audiences based on your researches to reach customers that need your product. You can divide your customers into segments, For example, if customers are divided into groups of common needs it’s easier to market them and provide what they have proven to need at the time. And as well, if customers are grouped by their common response to your marketing, then it’s easy now to know how to approach them.

The 4Ps of marketing and they are Product, Price, Promotion, and Place, it’s very important to know how each of these points is so effective

A)Product Strategy: the product or service you can offer to respond to your customer needs, it also includes the product features, quality, and packaging.

B)Price Strategy: it is all about how much your customer is willing to pay for your product and you should consider how much it cost your company to produce it, discounts, and how much your competitors are selling it.

C)Promotion Strategy: it’s very important, the way you communicate with your customer about the value and benefit of your product is promotion, you need to consider sales promotions that create brand awareness.

D)Place: this refers to the physical and digital distribution channels like your stores, branches, or website that provide access to your products, promotional materials, marketing messaging, and enable sales.

2-Implementation Phase

This is where you put your process to work, you should be able to carry out the plan that was determined in the planning stage, your process will come to success if you managed to put your plan into effect using the following points.

A)The resources, the money you need to develop and market your product, and the staff who will be working on delivering it.

B)Determine Schedules, creating calendars to keep the work on track, and define the time needed for particular tasks to accomplish them.

C)Design Marketing Organization, your marketing structure where you should monitor each step in the process, it will help you stay focused and make sure you make progress.

D)Execution, where you need to consider paying attention to details and focus on your strategy.

3-Evaluation Phase

The evaluation phase is the checking phase. This phase involves ensuring that the results of the program are in line with the goals set. You should keep in mind that your strategic marketing process will be an ongoing effort you should continually look for ideas to improve and enhance the plan. Remember, you need to regularly measure and evaluate the results of your plan to succeed. This will help you see whether you are accomplishing your goals and where you need to adjust tactics to improve your results.

And finally here are some tips to make sure your strategic marketing process comes to success.

1-Stick on research; it’s important to consider your market analysis, business cycle, and your customer’s personas.

2-Set measurable and achievable goals by ensuring they are structured and measurable it will be easier to accomplish your target. Quick wins can be important to garner the attention of your target audience and to motivate your internal team.

3-Do not confuse strategy with tactics. A strategy identifies your goals and objectives, while tactics outline the details for how you’ll reach those goals. 

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