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Web Design


Awarego is a Social Enterprise. It coaches business leaders to have better awareness so they can achieve higher emotional intelligence and better mentalities.

Awarego is helping to create a collaborative and collective learning environment for individuals and organizations. To Make Awarego closer to its mission, we were determined to offer diversified solutions for our client’s demands with the highest value services and the flexibility of communication to ensure that they can reach their desired outcome.

What we did

We knew it was not the only enterprise providing leadership development. So, we had a mission to separate it from the competition to outperform the competitors.

By studying their competitors to determine a value proposition for our client, we detected all the challenges that the client might face, and we reverse-engineered these obstacles into a growth opportunity. Afterward, we set the action plan needed to achieve Awarego’s desired outcome.

As Awarego is a Dutch yet Global Service provider, the client wanted to make a multilingual website that can be reached locally and globally. So, The Plus development ended up developing the website in English and Dutch. As a matter of personalized web development, we created more interactive UI designs like the toggle-on Flip Cards, toggled tables, table of content for long guides, and more. You can see a sample of the interactive UI here. (Insert Link).

Furthermore, part of our web development milestones is creating E-learning courses so Awarego can be accessible to the Globe, alongside the E-Learning, we created their blog so they can post more educational content for the public alongside increasing the website traffic and enhancing their visibility on Google.

We have been practicing SEO techniques with multiple clients, making huge progress increase their website rank and improving their visibility.

With Awarego, we helped them first with the On-page SEO by optimizing their web pages and ensuring their website’s content can be crawled, indexed, and understood by search engines, alongside enhancing their website speed and performance.

Supporting the webpage with external links is the best way to increase the website’s ranking on search engines. Off-page SEO means getting links from high-value websites back to the client’s website.

Analytics play a significant role. Not only it measures your marketing efforts and provides helpful insights. But also helps in terms of customer segmentation and analyzes their visitors’ behavior toward the website pages.

Through this tool, The Plus Development has established a strategy to boost the interaction with the audience. With our In-depth understanding of marketing analytics, mastering Google Analytics and Google Search Console alongside using premium SEO tools, we were able to monitor the marketing efforts and create custom weekly/monthly reports. These tools would further aid in creating more engaging UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface).

To create more engagement with visitors, we created scripted animated infographic videos as a way of displaying the information besides written content. Using both of them, we give the website SEO a boost as we are offering more diversity and engagement channels for the users.

The Video can be 2D or 3D. In Awarego’s case, the video was in 2D.

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